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Business of Furniture - June 23, 2021

  •   KIRKBRIDE: We are Living in a Hybrid World. Time to Embrace it. - The future of work is definitely hybrid. Sometimes people are going to work from home. Other times, they're going to exercise the choice to go into the office. And sometimes it's going to be somewhere in between.
  •   Internally Called NewCo, Deal to Combine Herman Miller and Knoll Coming Together Quicker Than Expected, Though Not Every Executive will be Around When Dust Settles - Several members of the Knoll team will leave the organization, including Andrew Cogan.
  •   AmTab Makes School More Fun, Colorful and Comfortable - AmTab has products that use vibrant colors, graphics with school mascots and inspirational words, wall decor and signage that brings lunch rooms alive and turns them into places where students enjoy going.
  •   Designing With Empathy — Handholding is a Meaningful Part of the Process - As the industry strives for human-centered design, empathy is emerging as one of the most important pillars to consider.
  •   Haworth Hotel Shows Versatility of Company's Portfolio of Products - With 48 guestrooms, including a brand-new suite and 14 conference spaces, the Haworth Hotel is a blend of residential and commercial products — durable enough to withstand years of accommodating guests and with a vibe that feels like home.
  •   Rescheduled High Point Market Makes Strong Showing - The high-end furniture sector has regained momentum in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 period, with decorators enjoying huge new business with remodeling and second (or third) home purchases by more affluent customers.
  •   Teknion Introduces Future Smart, an Optimistic Path Forward - Envisioning a future of informed optimism, Teknion shares ways to design for uncertainty.
  •   Stephen Says - "2021 is The Year of The Quit" - by Stephen Viscusi - People are leaving their jobs, and more than half say it has nothing to do with being required to come back to work but "it's just time for a change."
  •   Upfront: 2020 Global Inspiration Contest Winners Announced - There were nine categories designers were encouraged to submit to, and more than 445 submissions were received this year.
  •   Product Spotlight: Arc-Com Launches Angle and Hove - The palette for pattern Angle captures the colors of the rainbow and groups them into visually pleasing combinations. The newly released Hove wallcovering pattern is an organic woven netting textural design, highlighting the multi-dimensional layering of sheer netting woven fabric.
  •   PLACES - Scott.Weber Workspace Praga Office & Garden – Prague
  •   FIRST LOOKS - Via Seating, Carnegie, Allsteel, 3form, Leland
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Midpoint Magazine - Mid-June, 2021

  •   WELLNESS IN THE WORKPLACE SPOTLIGHT: 5 WAYS THAT FOCUSING ON AUTONOMY CAN POSITIVELY IMPACT ORGANIZATIONAL WELL-BEING - Before us stands a time to rewrite our scripts and reinvent the quality and texture of how we spend our time accomplishing the full spectrum of daily goals that make up our lifestyles. Business models that ensure environments where employees flourish through the ability to exercise autonomy in daily work operations and healthy lifestyle choices ultimately enable well-being and engagement.
  •   HOW DESIGN CAN INCREASE WELLNESS - The WELL building standard has become the leading tool to improve human health in homes and offices across the world. Initially focused on the commercial office space, WELL has recently turned its attention to health care environments. Understanding the science behind promoting health outcomes through design is a key step toward improving patient safety, progress and quality of care.
  •   SUPPORT OUR WORK TOWARD A HEALTHY LIFE: TAKE THE INDEAL CARES EMPLOYEE WELLNESS SURVEY - The insights obtained from this year's survey will build on IDEAL's knowledge, provide a better understanding about employee wishes for returning to the workplace safely.
  •   ONE WORKPLACE BELIEVES A HEALTHY WORKFORCE LEADS TO HEALTHY BUSINESS - For nearly a decade, One Workplace has been named a top employer in the Bay Area — no small feat given the competition there. The work with its own employees has allowed One Workplace to help its customers as well. As the San Francisco Bay Area begins to open along with its other markets in the Pacific Northwest, One Workplace is helping its customers safely get back to work. One Workplace has always been about serving its customers in whatever way is needed. The roots of the company go back to a bookstore founded in the 1920s in downtown San Jose by the Lindsay family.
  •   KFI STUDIOS ROLLS OUT NEW WEBSITE - The new site, which includes easier access to product information and support materials like high-res images, brochures and symbols, also adds a new feature — "Build Your Own."
  •   INDEAL ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH HOPEWELL - Hopewell is taking its research platform directly to INDEAL dealer members, offering discounted licensing and partnership opportunities.
  •   HOPEWELL HELPS DEALERS MEASURE WX (WORK EXPERIENCE) - Designed by world-class consumer experience researchers, Hopewell's WX assessment elicits meaningful insights about how, when and where employees reach peak performance. "The future of the workplace will be data-driven and worker-centered," said Continental Office CEO Ira Sharfin. "Our designers know it, and now the Hopewell WX Assessment gives us a common language to help our clients discover it, too."
  •   WORKPLACE RESOURCE ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH CORPORATE SOURCE - Two leading dealers team up to transform Colorado's commercial furniture scene.
  •   AIS LAUNCHES RELATIONSHIP WITH SOCAL AIS - SoCal AIS combines the efforts of Ron Frantz, principal at Sculptural Spaces, and Ashlie Collins, principal at Bentwood Design in Los Angeles.
  •   WORKSCAPES CEO ELIZABETH DVORAK JOINS THE CEO COUNCIL OF TAMPA BAY - CEO Council membership offers access to collaborative focus groups who can get answers to pressing issues. It also offers rewarding and educational social experiences to help grow influence in non-traditional settings.

Workplaces Magazine - June 2021

  •   WHY NURTURE IS NOT THE SECRET TO A HEALTHY (VIRTUAL) WORK ENVIRONMENT - Traditionally, leadership has turned to nurturing activities to address team health. These activities can certainly be valuable, but they cannot bridge the gap created when the daily work experience fails to meet basic neurological, psychological and physiological needs.
  •   NEW SURVEY PROVIDES SWEEPING OVERVIEW OF CURRENT STATE OF EMPLOYER-SPONSORED WELLBEING PROGRAMS - This survey highlights that a culture of well-being plays a far more critical role than any one benefit program to the long-term success of an organization.
  •   THE HYBRID RETURN TO THE OFFICE AND ENSURING A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR REMOTE EMPLOYEES - In a hybrid set-up example, you might have four people in a meeting, two calling in remote from home and two calling in from the office conference room. In this situation, the two people in the office environment are minimized on camera and have in-person nonverbal cues that completely change the meeting dynamic.
  •   SDI ARCHITECTURE ATTRIBUTES MASS OFFICE MOVE-BACK TO ZOOM FATIGUE: BOSTON FIRM EXPERIENCES UPTICK IN DEMAND FOR MODIFICATIONS TO WORKPLACES AS COMPANIES PREPARE FOR THE RETURN OF THEIR WORKFORCES - People are starving for personal interaction. A host of factors are fueling employees moving back to the office, including the return to full-time, in-person learning for students, giving parents the option to work from an office as their role as home school teachers comes to an end.
  •   LATEST WORKFORCE HAPPINESS SURVEY SHOWS IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION IN WORKPLACE - Organizations have spent the past year helping their employees stay productive while working through a crisis, but now they have to pivot to create a new normal that ensures their workforce continues to be happy for the long-term, no matter where they are working.
  •   THE WORKPLACE IS CHANGING: THOMAS FRIEDMAN PREDICTS SEISMIC SHIFTS WILL OFFER OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE LEFT THE WORKFORCE IN DROVES - With many employers planning for a new work/life in a post-pandemic world, one of the big challenges they face is addressing significant setbacks unleashed by COVID-19.
  •   WORKPLACE CULTURE REPORT REVEALS KEY CAUSES OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION FAILURES IN COMPANIES - Just 43% of employees say they can consistently be their authentic selves at work.
  •   EMPLOYEES AND COMPANIES ARE FACING A BURNOUT CRISIS - At companies across America, employees are struggling, with more than two in five (41%) say they're experiencing burnout. As workers adjust to remote work during the pandemic, 40% of employees surveyed agree working remotely supports better work-life balance.
  •   19 IDEAS EXPANDS AND REMODELS HEADQUARTERS TO CREATE EXPERIENCE-DRIVEN HUB CENTERED ON EMPLOYEE WELLNESS - The renovation coincides with a rebrand effort in 19 Ideas' 10-year anniversary, including a new brand look with the same focus on people, partnership and community.
  •   NELSON WORLDWIDE WINDWARD ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS HARRISBURG DESIGN BRIEF - A key driver for both the NELSON design team and the Windward staff was employee well-being.
  •   R-GO TOOLS CAPARO 4 TWIN MONITOR ARM - The modularity not only allowed the box to be smaller but more importantly would make the monitor easier to repair if one of the components failed.
  •   ZELO DESKTOP STUDIO LIGHT - It is a good product that can help you turn a drab, lifeless office into a bright, well-lit space fit for a professional virtual meeting.


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